Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Je T'aime Justin Bieber

Qui devraient être moi être votre One Less Lonely Girl.

As much as I used to hate you, now I'm falling deeply deeply in love with you Bieber !
You just can't seem to be outta my mind these days. I can't even concentrate in class and now I'm memorizing your songs instead of memorizing Biology or Chemistry !

It's 6:17 PM now. Less than 24 hours to go. I'll be in front of you, in the centre. I'll be one of those crazy girls ( and boys? ). I'll shine like a sun.

Guérir ma fièvre, Dr Bieber ! xo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Changement Pour Le Mieux


All I do in class was ..sleeping.

Then sleep ..again.

And ..sleep?

Seriously, this attitude has got to stop. 60% of 24 hours is me.. sleeping. That's not good. NOT GOOD.


I've been through ups and downs. Well, my downs are more then the ups.
Life is not fair. Life never asks me what I want. FIN.

P/s : The term fair and justice are NOT in my dictionary of life.


No matter how hard things have been going. No matter how broken-hearted I am. No matter how unfair life is.

No one can fucking stop me from what I want.

P/s : Tout n'est past destiné à être

Traiter avec elle chienne ! xo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Amour Ou La Luxure


Attempt to study. EPIC FAILED. All I do was playing the piano & guitar. Singing to emo songs. Tweeting. Yes. Now I'm blogging ..again.

Seriously, I need to change. Like. As soon as possible.

There's 200+- til the day I'll finally die.


I hope you'll die with me too xo

Clafoutis aux Cerises

Depression, confusion, hows and whys in the morning, are the worst thing ever could happen to start your day.

P/s : At least you know that you're not alone. Whoever you are. Wherever you are.

Ont un peu de foi xo

Amante De Tiempo Completo

Who needs love, when waking up with a view like this from the window? :)

Los amantes de la buena mañana

Well, woke up at 6AM to off both of my alarms. 3 actually. Yes, I need 3 alarm clocks to wake me up. Each at the bedside table; left and right and my berry. *yawns*

It's 8:03AM, I'm at the study table, should be studying and here am I blogging while listening to Justin Bieber ft. Jessica Jarrell - Overboard.

Since I'm nowhere near school today, I should make today as productive as I can and avoiding ze bed. *fingers-crossed*

los amantes de la tienen un d
ía agradable xo

Entre Plusieurs Choses

There's a lot have been going on. I don't know what I feel. I'm not sure whether am I supposed to feel anything. What should I feel. For whom should I feel.

I hate this feeling that's for sure.

Is it pathetic enough to actually be in love again after trillions of heartbreaks?
Is it love or lust?
Is it love or the need of having someone by your side?
Is it love or the title 'taken' ?
is it love is it love is it love ?

My definition of love is an/a emotion/feelings/reactions when you're with that specific person. You would always want his/her touch. and when you did, the world spins around, butterflies rip your stomach out, heart stops beating.
It will always be this way.

love and be loved, lovers.

avoir de l'espoir xo


That's not true isn't it?

We will eventually patch up, stand up and move on.